1. A Very Small Artistic House

    I have been following the movement for tiny and very small houses for the past few years. The idea of simple and healthy living appeals to me. In fact, we (my husband and me) moved into a small place a few years ago - our RV. We’ve been traveling and visiting many of the places that we’ve always wanted to see. It has been wonderful.

    After two years of being nomads, we find ourselves craving a semi-permanent location that we can live at for part of the year so that we can have a garden (we love fresh fruit and vegetables), so that we can putter around and put our own decorative touches inside and outside. We both miss working in a yard, having a bit of grass of our own.

    We still love the nomad lifestyle however now we’d like to have a little of both.

    To that end, we’ve been searching for something that is suitable for us at a reasonable cost so that we can continue with both lifestyles. We think we may have found the perfect place. Actually, we came across it unexpectedly through some friends that we met on our travels.

    Our friends have a summer place in one of the most beautiful places in Canada. We decided to visit them (and the beautiful area) for the month of July. They are working part-time at a winery and when we visited that winery a few days ago, we found out that the farm has a couple of very small houses that they are not renting at this time. We took a peak inside one of them and it is so sweet. The size and layout is exactly what we like.

    It’s a very small one bedroom cottage with a kitchen, living area, bathroom, and two decks - one that overlooks the lake and the mountains. In the middle of the home is a unique staircase that leads to another room with windows all around. We figure that this would be the ideal office/sitting room/guest room. Imagine working while enjoying a gorgeous view from all sides.

    The cottage is just a little distance away from the main house and winery, their are horses and lots of open field and forest.

    The picture above is not of the building we are looking at renting but it is built of the same material (this is a picture of one of the building at the winery).

    We are excited to have found this and after thinking about it for a few days, we are excited at the possible opportunity. We are going to speak to the owners about renting the place indefinitely if the price is right - we are looking for a small and affordable house. There are a few things we need to find out about before making a final decision. Crossing our fingers that it is as perfect for us as we hope.

    It’s an ideal win-win situation for both parties. They would have their place rented and we will have the perfect very small house for us.


  2. From Shipping Container To Affordable Housing

    Small Affordable Houses

    These days you’ll find dozens of small house plans and designs which are affordable to many people that typically would not be able to afford a house.

    Over the years since I’ve been following the tiny house movement, I’ve seen these house designs go from being very simple, no nonsense places to what they are today – very unique and just about anything your heart desires. 

    Now that professional architects as well as experienced builders are getting on-board to the idea of living a simpler and healthier lifestyle, the designs are becoming more elaborate. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find the simplified versions anymore, it just means that you have many more choices than you did just a few year ago. This is a good thing because not everyone wants really simple but everyone should consider a simpler way of living.

    Affordable Shipping Container Homes

    The idea of using a shipping container to build a home has been around for quite a while. It is a good way of getting a sturdy and well-made start to your home. And they generally aren’t too expensive.

    As mentioned earlier, as more and more people, builders and architects are realizing that tiny and small houses is a growing trend, we are starting to see many really unique and useful designs.

    I came across one such design today. It is a sleek and modern home created from a recycled shipping container. The designer took into consideration the benefits of tiny house living and RV slides and created a living space that is mobile and a great size.

    It all starts with a simple, rectangular shaped shipping container. They added eight slides, one each for the kitchen, bed, office area, bathroom, office area, living area, reading nook, and pantry.

    If you were to live in one of these, you would get an small home that is well made and able to withstand various weather conditions, moveable and when stationary, it is a size that is more than comfortable to live in.

    What more could you ask for in affordable housing?


  3. Affordable Housing Designs

    Research For A New Home

    Some people make the decision to downsize because they want to simplify their life and save money. Others do it because they have no choice; they have to do it. It doesn’t matter what your reason is, what matters is that making that decision and following through with it will have a significant change to your life.

    Downsizing just makes sense. Your home can be just as simple, comfortable and luxurious as you want it to be – only smaller. And smaller means that everything else related to your home with also be smaller. Your bills will shrink and your savings will grow.

    Everyone as their own idea of what they want in their affordable home. When it is time to move to a smaller place, you’ll want to make sure that the place you choose to buy or build is exactly what you want and need, that is has all the necessities, and that you will be happy there.

    Buy or Build?

    These days there are many tiny and small house designs that you can choose from. And the designs are getting better and better all the time.  

    There are quite a few tiny house companies now. Some are really new; others have been around for many years.

    The best thing to do is to make a list of what you need and want in your home, or if you want to buy or build one or have one built for you.

    Ask questions, especially if you’ve decided to build. If you can, attend a tiny house building workshop. That is where you will be able to talk to the experts, people who have the knowledge and experience, and lots of suggestions.

    When it come to a little house, you can build it yourself if you do the necessary research and/or attend a workshop. Many inexperienced people have done it before you, and now live successfully in their house. It’s not like building a big house with lots of rooms, a basement and a garage.

    And when you plan and build your own small house, you can customize it to your own taste.

    The best part is that houses that are small save you time and money.

    The cost to build and to live in a small house is considerably less than a big house.  The time to clean and maintain a little house is much less than you would spend to do the same in a big house. Imagine that it only takes about one-hour to clean a little house because there will be less room and rooms to clean, and there will be less stuff to clean around.

    Less time working and extra cash leaves you with time and money to do what you really love to do.

    And less demands on you and your life means less stress.

    Hunting For The Right House Takes Time

    All this may be very tempting and you may be anxious to start your new and improved lifestyle but a good suggestion is not to rush it. Take the time to do your research, learn everything that you can, make sure that the house you get is exactly what you want else you may be trading one problem for another.

    Finding affordable housing designs is easy these days and there are many to choose from. It’s an exciting adventure that will turn into a lifetime of good health and good life.


  4. Tiny House Books

    Books For Building Or Buying A Tiny House


    When we first discovered tiny houses, we were really intrigued. As with anything that piques our interest, we started to read all about them.

    That was how we got hooked.

    We kept reading about how much they can improve your life. How they can help you get rid of your debts. And how they are environmentally friendly.

    All of the above are good things…

    Tiny House Books

    We got deeper into the research. We bought a number of tiny house books to learn more about how we could simplify our life. Some of the books were really good; some not so good.

    In the end, we opted to move into our RV and travel for a few years, looking for the ideal place to settle in for the rest of our lives.

    Basically it’s the same concept.

    We downsized - we got rid of just about everything we owned with the exception of some treasured things. Those things are now stored with family.

    After almost two years of RVing and traveling, we have found the general area where we would like to settle - right across the country from where we lived before. We have fallen in love with British Columbia, Canada. Specifically, the Okanagan Valley.

    Now we just need to decide on an exact location where we will either buy or build our very own tiny house.

    From our time living in our RV we know that we will have no problem living in a tiny house however the house will be slightly larger than our motor home. We have no issues with the size of our current home, but just a wee bit more space would be good.

    On a side note, with the simplified living we have virtually eliminated all of our debt. Just think - smaller living requires much less expense which leaves us extra money for everything else.

    Life is much better since we made  and followed through with the plan.

    We love not having to worry about where the money will come from to pay off what we owed. We lived like that for too many years. This is such a relief…

    It all started with discovering and researching this new and improved lifestyle through tiny house books. That’s the best place to start.


  5. Small House Movement


    What is the small house movement? Imagine living in a home that you built yourself and that you won’t need to spend the next 30 years of your life paying off. With a small house, you would be headed in the right direction.

    Debt Free Living

    In today’s economic times, debt free living seems like something that will never be accomplished in your lifetime. Some people just assume that they will always be paying something off, so why not have 30 years of payments on their house as well? 

    Little do they know that many people are able to pay cash for their new house, when it is a tiny house. A small home could only cost $20,000 or less depending on how you build and what you use to build it. These wee houses can give you a place to call home without the big price tag. 

    Where Does my “Stuff” Go?

    When thinking about the moving into a tiny space and what that means, one of the first things that comes to mind for many is “where do I put all my stuff”. Living small really means having less. It’s as simple as that. You will have to get rid of most of the stuff you have and will have to get down to the bare necessities. It can really be enlightening! You will learn to embrace the theory of “less is more”.

    It does seem that the direction technology has been going has been in support of the movement to smaller houses. For example, instead of have a DVD collection, you will learn to stream your movies or store them digitally. You won’t be able to hang onto that book collection; instead you would buy an eBook for you eReader. Even the music collection you once had is likely on an MP3 player by now, or it will have to be in order to make the move.

    It’s not that you have to do without, you just have to change your way of thinking – and living.

    Use the Outdoor Space as Indoor Space

    Most people that live in a tiny space consider the outdoors to be part of their living space. Anything that can be set up outdoors is. Maybe it’s a hammock hung outside and used as a reading nook. A great outdoor deck with patio furniture becomes your dining room. Designing a portion of your outdoor space to be used as most people use an indoor space will be a bonus for many.

    You’re probably thinking that this is great for the warmer seasons, but what do I do during the cold months of the year? Well, what do you do now? Do you enjoy the outdoors every season, or do you tend to hibernate when it gets cold? That won’t change, you’ll just be doing it in a smaller space.

    Dual-Purpose Living

    You also need to get creative with indoor space. Build a bench that also has storage. Build your bedroom in a loft to allow more space on the main floor. Your bathroom could have a sink, toilet and shower all in one little room with a drain in the floor. If you thought your first apartment had a tiny kitchen, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The extra counter space you want could be a counter that folds flat against the wall. The extra counter could be double duty and be your craft table or game table.

    Kit Homes

    You can purchase kit homes for easier building. A home kit contains all the pieces needed to build your home. You can choose to buy a kit for a house on wheels, a home that will be stationary, or as a cottage. A house on wheels can range from 50 to 130 square feet and is designed to be portable. Stationary homes and cottages can be from really tiny in size, up to about 1,000 square feet.

    There is a lot of interest in smaller homes recently but living the tiny life is more than just a small home.  It is a change in lifestyle. Just keep in mind that if the small house movement is calling you, you aren’t alone.


  6. Tiny House Design Tips

    The Interior Design Of A Tiny House

    Designing and building a tiny house is not the same as designing and building a traditional large house. Space is an issue. Because of this, you need to carefully consider the location of everything that you need right from the start. This includes the walls, the appliances, the windows, the color, and even the furniture that you will use.

    All these things must be considered for any house that you build, but it is absolutely necessary when you are building small. Whether your goal is to downsize, to de-clutter and de-stress your life, or to become environmentally friendly doesn’t matter – what matters is that you build your house so that you will be happy in it.

    If you’ve chosen this route, then you are probably already aware that you can live luxuriously in a small home. You can still have just about everything that you are accustomed to, just on a smaller scale. You will need to be creative so that you can have it all.

    It’s difficult to know what you are going to need before you start planning your new small house, but having a few tips for when you design your place will certainly be helpful.

    Design Tips For A Tiny House

    The first thing you want to do is to make sure that you have all your essentials listed, keeping in mind that you have a small space to work with. You’ll want to keep it simple. The idea is to simplify your life so that you can live better.

    So, what do you really need to live comfortably?

    Tips when designing your tiny new house, you want to:

    • Eliminate is as many partitions as you can. An open concept will leave you with much more room than when you divide the space up. You are starting with a small space and you don’t want to take up room by adding unnecessary walls. Instead, you may want to consider separating rooms by using storage solutions, or you could make your living and sleeping areas all-in-one.
    • Try to keep all storage space below waist level. Keep the higher spaces as free and uncluttered as possible. That means that you will want the majority of your cabinets on the lower part. This will give the allusion of more living area.
    • Build with lighting in mind. Large vertical windows are preferable to skylights. Large windows allow more light into your home. Place the windows so that they will provide the maximum amount of sunshine and an aesthetic view. Put in enough windows so that you get the feeling of outdoors coming in.
    • Make your roof as high as you possibly can. This would give you more room plus additional areas for storage.
    • When planning your color scheme, choose light colors in your paint, your finishes, your ceiling, and your appliances and accessories. Light colors make spaces appear larger.
    • Consider building your home with creativity. Have a wall that completely opens up to the outdoors – very large windows, or sliding glass door or French door. If you house is to be built on a foundation, you could even incorporate a deck attached to the house, or even a small sunroom.

    It really can be a lot of fun when you are able to design your house yourself. From start to finish, you can have it the way you want it – the way you dreamed it would be. The interior design can be an extension of your personality.


  7. Tiny House Designs

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    If you are like so many people these days that are planning to build a tiny home, you can find a variety of tiny house designs just about anywhere you look. These unique house designs are popping up all over. You can buy plans online and build a house yourself, or you can purchase a home already built.

    Unique House Designs

    Even though the space available in a tiny home is limited, the designs available for them are not. Even though the majority of tiny homes found are built with a basic rectangle shape and a similar floor plan, there are many out there that are very unique in ways other than just their size.

    People have built these small homes using just about every shape imaginable. A cabin looking design is a very popular one, but you will also see them shaped as huts or tents, as well as some completely unique shapes.

    The majority of these homes are one-story, but there have been tiny homes built that are two or three stories tall. It is really just a matter of what works in the space you have to build it, and what works for you as a liveable space.

    One of the benefits of a tiny house is that it can be built just about anywhere. You could find a few small houses that are built in trees, suspended above water, built on stilts, or sitting in the middle of nowhere. Only your imagination would be the limit.

    No matter what design you choose, you will always end up with the coziness that comes from living in a smaller space. Many find that to be a huge benefit of a smaller home.

    Built-ins are a must when designing a tiny home. You need to make the most out of every inch of space. In many cases you can build storage into the most awkward and unexpected spaces.

    Tiny House Floor Plans

    When looking through the multitude of tiny house floor plans, and trying to find the one that is perfect for you, there are many things to consider. One basic consideration is the number of rooms you will need. Will your home be a one bedroom dwelling, or will you need more? Is one bathroom enough for everyone, or will a second powder room be needed?

    Once you have taken care of the basics, you then need to figure out what each space will be used for so you can figure out the best lay out. Because the space is so much smaller than you have been accustomed to, you really need to think about how each area of the home will be used to create the most functional floor plan. One example would be if you need to utilize your outdoor deck space as a dining room. If so you will want to position your kitchen alongside the door that leads to that outdoor deck.

    To help reduce the cost of electricity, you may want to consider which room you will be spending the most daylight hours in, and position that in a way to get the best use out of the sunlight. Big windows will also help you to be able to use the maximum amount of sunlight to brighten your home.

    If you have decided to embrace the tiny life, there are unlimited tiny house designs for you to choose from. And if you can’t find one, design your own. You know what is most important in your home and what design will best help you accomplish that.